Creative and practical plastic double cup
Name:Creative and practical plastic double cup
Size:15CM x.5CM x 6cm ; 18cm x 7.5cm x 6CM
QTY Per Carton:120


Products Description

[Product information] shell plastic yarn mill

Material: food grade PP grade plastic double ease of use (double frosted flat cover models)
Trumpet: high 15CM 7.5CM diameter of 6cm diameter under
Large: High 18cm diameter 7.5cm, under diameter 6CM
Packing: 120 / box color: fashion color (blue, pink, purple, green, orange)
Beautifully boxed Weight: 0.15kg 

Product Description: This product is environmentally friendly, sealing strong, watertight, inexpensive, can be printed on a variety LOGO, for a variety of advertising promotional activities also into supermarkets, shopping malls and retail. For home, office, driving, travel, hotel and other places.

Creative Design Award was awarded Britain's minimalist design works!
Holding in the palm of the hand, you will be amazed: the original plastic cup also so delicate, delicate, meticulous.
Everyone can have a portable cup. Cup color was matte, people feel comfortable and natural looking, simple lines of the cup body design allows users to more good grip cups, easy to carry. - Simple, double cup body design multicolor selection can carry.
- Using food grade requirements of environmentally friendly materials PP
- Large capacity 500ML 300ML trumpet
- Lid sealed leakproof; Heat 100 ℃
- Simple, double cup body designed to prevent installation of hot water when hot
- Frosted surface treatment, feel good.

Can be used to bloom coffee, tea, tea, easy to carry the seal cup.

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